Reader’s Letters


Melanie and I have received many messages, expressing interest in and support for the philosophy behind this blog, for which I should like to say here that we are both very grateful. We have also received some correspondence seeking advice on certain matters relating to individual domestic circumstances, which we have responded to privately as best we can. But Melanie and I both felt that it might be useful if I were to post a more general consideration of the issues raised in these queries within the blog, as there may be other families in similar circumstances. I shall be taking each of these queries in turn and responding to them in the kind of detail that they deserve. We do hope that these accounts will be of interest to our wider readership.

Mrs B_

Here we have a letter from parents in California regarding their own experience and how they have just begun turning their wayward 20 year old daughter Charlotte around. I’m sure that our readers would appreciate a lot more detail, but I think that the picture Melanie has chosen pretty much sums up the naughty Miss Charlotte’s newfound disciplinary situation!

Dear Melanie and Mrs B_

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your blog and how much it has helped us with our own situation. We had been experiencing some problems with our daughter Charlotte, who is 20 years old. Charlotte has a job, but is still living at home as renting an appartment in this location is way too expensive for her. We are glad to have her live with us, but her behavior and attitude needed some correction, so we felt that we could help her by imposing some strict, parental ground rules.

Encouraged by your blog, we decided to give her the option of some old-fashioned discipline, to help keep her in line while she is still living in the family home. At first Charlotte laughed it off, but we told her we were quite serious about it and we also asked her to read through your blog and to give it all some thought. Well a few days later she told us that she thought it was totally crazy, but that she had absolutely loved the blog and that she would like to give the whole discipline arrangement thing a try.

So we followed Mrs B_’s advice and took things quite slowly, as we introduced Charlotte to her very first experience of discipline spanking and we’re delighted to report that it is all working out really well. Charlotte’s behavior and attitude are improving week by week and now there is much less tension within our family home. Charlotte now has a very clear idea of what we require from her and seems quite content to have clear boundaries and disciplinary consequences which are very real. So we will be sticking firmly with the program and in line with your suggestions, we also fully intend to ’raise the bar’ for Charlotte in terms of our expectations of her conduct as we go along!

Mr and Mrs W_, California.