The New Normal!

This 18 year old girl quickly became accustomed to her new parental discipline regime. So it became a totally normal part of her home life to find herself standing in the middle of their living room, with her bare bottom on full display to her mom and dad – both before her spanking and afterward!


Bad Choices!


This 18 year old girl was having so much fun at a party, that she thought it would be ok if she missed her curfew. At 11pm on Friday night that had seemed like a pretty good decision. But at 11am on Saturday morning – over her dad’s knee with her panties down – it didn’t seem like she had made the right choice somehow!


Mom Never Forgets!


This 18 year old girl made the mistake of letting her mom hear her saying a swearword, when she was rushing out the door on her way to college. When she got home that evening, she found her mom waiting to take her over her knee for a good, sound, bare-bottom spanking – first with her hand and then with the hairbrush!


New Year Resolutions!


This 18 year old girl thought her 1am curfew time wouldn’t apply on New Year’s Eve.  Well her daddy didn’t agree, so first thing next morning she found herself over his lap, with her skirt up and her panties down, receiving her first well-deserved spanking of the New Year!


A Heated Discussion!

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This 18 year old girl lost her cool during a heated discussion with her mom and said some things she shouldn’t have said. Fortunately her mom knew exactly how to handle this. She sent her daughter to fetch the hairbrush and then soundly applied it to her bare bottom!


A Message for Daddy!



This 18 year old girl had been reluctant to help her busy mom preparing dinner for her dad. Her mom had to go out, so hadn’t time to deal with her daughter herself. So instead she left a message asking her husband to discipline the girl for her insolence. Naturally, Daddy was more than happy to oblige and so, after dinner and after she had done the dishes, he took the naughty girl over his lap with her panties down for a really good, long and sound spanking on her bare bottom – exactly as she deserved!


College Girl Attitude!


This 18 year old girl found that her mom was no less strict with her when she started college. And so there was no way that a smart-mouthed, college-girl attitude was going to be tolerated when she was at home. Fortunately her mom knew exactly how to deal with this kind of attitude and the problem was swiftly addressed with a bare-bottom spanking.


No Slacking!


This 18 year old girl was supposed to be cleaning and tidying in the living room, but she thought she’d rather watch some TV instead. So when her mom found her relaxing on the sofa with her chores undone, she decided to give her daughter the benefit of some bare bottom discipline right there and then – just to help with her focus!