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Just to fill you in with some background – my name is Melanie and I am a regular 18 year old schoolgirl, living at home with my mom and dad. I have always been interested in spanking and old-fashioned discipline and not so long ago I persuaded my parents to discipline me by spanking – which they now do whenever I misbehave. Well –  I’m a fairly typical teenage girl so I’m sure you get the picture – I do get spanked quite a lot! So I have created captions which are very much drawn from my own experiences of, and attitudes to traditional  parental discipline. I hope that you will find that these pictures provide both a light-hearted  and a positive representation of old-fashioned discipline within the family home, for girls aged 18 and over. 

My mom (Mrs B_) has kindly contributed some thoughtful articles which deal more seriously with the subject, so please do take the time check these out, as they provide a very useful insight into the disciplinary process from a parental point of view. Mom asked me to provide illustrations to go along with her articles, so I hope you will also find them both appropriate and entertaining.

*** Jan 2021 –  It’s been a while since I have updated this site, but after discussing it with my Mom – (who couldn’t believe just how many views the site had got) – we both thought that we should like to add some more content. Mom has had some more ideas for  articles that she would like to add to Disciplinarian’s Corner and as I have more free time at present, I’d like to get back to posting some more captions. Anyway thanks to everyone who has contributed with positive comments and I hope you all will keep us bookmarked for future reference on the ever-hot topic of discipline for girls aged 18 and over. 


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  1. I love your approach to creating and maintaining a spanking blog, Melanie. What I especially appreciate is your overall faithfulness to ‘the spanking tradition.’ You’ve been naughty and your bottom’s going to be warmed, often over the lap of parental authority. I like your captions too. 🙂

  2. Melanie,
    Love your blog and captions. I contacted DJ at Voice in the Corner to give you a shout out to help pick up traffic. He and OHM from Sometimes a girl needs a spanking both said that you have a promising site but need to post more regularly before they will acknowledge you.
    I’m a marketing/sales exec and suggest you contact both directly a tell them that you will be updating ( once a week twice a month-whatever) and you would appreciate their support. I’m sure you would get a mention and your traffic should increase.

  3. Melanie,
    Asked Chross from Chross Blog to check you out. He just listed you in on his blog roll under Sites worth visiting. That’s huge !! He gets 10,000 people a DAY. He is the man in TTWD. So hit it and update it and answer your comments.
    Your fan,

  4. Hi Melanie, This is an outstanding, practical and very educational blog. I love it. In our situation, we have a college aged sophomore who has thought he could do as he pleases disregard the rules while home and yes, be sassy. Well, thanks to your blog, my husband and I have enough is enough, times are a changin’, and it is never to late to get our little darling on the right path. We started in May and have seen a dramatic improvement. Not 100% however, on the way to 100%. I do most of the spanking and have a flat faced wooden hairbrush and a paddle. My husband has a strap. With the exception of two times having to go over the hassock for the strap, it is bare bottom over the knee and then time in the corner. What is interesting is that our Pastor Sandy asked us, why did it take you guys so long to take charge. . Anyway, thank you.

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