The New Normal!

This 18 year old girl quickly became accustomed to her new parental discipline regime. So it became a totally normal part of her home life to find herself standing in the middle of their living room, with her bare bottom on full display to her mom and dad – both before her spanking and afterward!



7 thoughts on “The New Normal!

    • Unfortunately I have been unable to update the blog as I am unable to post any new posts as the wordpress buttons are no longer working for me. I wish I could find a way as I’d like to share more caption images with you all, but I can’t find any way to post them. I do apologise to all of my readers for this, but I will keep the blog online for future reference.

  1. I am very pleased to announce that I have just got a new ‘uptodate’ computer – so I am very hopeful that I can begin posting here again. I have missed it so much! So please stay tuned for some new posts soon!


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