Bad Choices!


This 18 year old girl was having so much fun at a party, that she thought it would be ok if she missed her curfew. At 11pm on Friday night that had seemed like a pretty good decision. But at 11am on Saturday morning – over her dad’s knee with her panties down – it didn’t seem like she had made the right choice somehow!


4 thoughts on “Bad Choices!

  1. 18 year old girls can get into way too much trouble, but this young lady is being raised properly. Imagine her happy face at the party, and see what it looks like the next morning over her dad’s knee. Her friends probably do what they like and get away with their bad choices. Curfews and spankings keep this girl safe under parental care.

  2. Melanie, I commend you for creating this blog, and your Mom’s contributions. Are you still spanked by your Mom now that college is over? Do you plan on seeking a disciplinarian as a young adult now? I have always believed that consensual disciplinary spanking 18 and over is more useful for reinforcing a point than other methods. Natural consequences can work well, obviously, too.

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