Bad Choices!


This 18 year old girl was having so much fun at a party, that she thought it would be ok if she missed her curfew. At 11pm on Friday night that had seemed like a pretty good decision. But at 11am on Saturday morning – over her dad’s knee with her panties down – it didn’t seem like she had made the right choice somehow!


5 thoughts on “Bad Choices!

  1. 18 year old girls can get into way too much trouble, but this young lady is being raised properly. Imagine her happy face at the party, and see what it looks like the next morning over her dad’s knee. Her friends probably do what they like and get away with their bad choices. Curfews and spankings keep this girl safe under parental care.

  2. Melanie, I commend you for creating this blog, and your Mom’s contributions. Are you still spanked by your Mom now that college is over? Do you plan on seeking a disciplinarian as a young adult now? I have always believed that consensual disciplinary spanking 18 and over is more useful for reinforcing a point than other methods. Natural consequences can work well, obviously, too.

  3. I began spanking my step daughter when she was 18 and since she was 18 I wanted her consent and received it. (It’s a fine line nowadays regarding parental rights.) Becky is 23 still living home and still gets a spanking if she really deserves one as does her 19 year old brother.
    Becky was caught shoplifting with friends when she was 18 and in her senior year of high school.
    I received the call from her and went directly to the big box store where it happened. I was in the managers office along with Becky, her friends who sat in silence, the security officer (a male) and the female store manager.
    They explained my step daughter could be treated as an adult for her crime. I practically pleaded for them not to involve the police. I was livid and they saw that and conceded that since it was a first for my step daughter they would let it go but she was banned from the store for a year.
    I told my daughter she needed a d**n good spanking. I then told her she was 18, could make her own decisions and she now had to choose either moving out immediately (she’d been such a handful that it would have been more peaceful for us) or she must accept ‘ALL’ of our rules, curfews and punishments from then on and that included spankings! She got mouthy and I told her she could go back to her Mother’s that night (which she didn’t want) and the store could call the police if they wanted as I would not be responsible for her. The manager said I guess we need to call the locals and Becky quickly changed her mind! She began apologizing profusely and begging us not to call the police. I played hardball she began crying and begging me to let her stay at home. I asked if she was accepting ALL the rules? she said yes. I asked did she consent to ALL my rules and accept being spanked as part of the package? She tearfully agreed.

    I said fine, asked the manger if she minded if I used the chair as I pulled a plastic chair towards me. I took my stepdaughter by the wrist and to my side as I sat down and told her “Over my lap.” Becky asked please do we have too? I told her yes over my lap right now or I was leaving and she was in the hands of the store and the police! Becky put herself across my lap and I gave her about a dozen good firm swats to her jean covered butt then told her to get up. I told her sternly “We would finish this at home!”
    I told the manager I was sorry for the trouble and thanked her for her cooperation as well. She had my daughter sign a form stating she would not return for at least a year for the reason of shoplifting naming the item and it’s value.The manager told us any further issues and they would use the signed document against Becky. She thanked me for coming and opened the door.
    In the car we were both pretty quiet, I asked her some questions she realized what she did was really stupid and I chalked it up to adolescent stupidity. With Becky’s attitude and behavior the way it had been over the years it all added up to a bratty, rude 18 year old who needed to be taken in hand.
    Arriving back at home I told Becky go right up to her room and get changed for bed and I’d be up shortly. I was very aware that for the first time in who knew how long I wasn’t getting any pushback or sarcastic answers.

    My husband, Becky’s father, was away on business so I called him immediately and let him know what happened, he was really upset and at his wits end with his daughter. I told him all of what Becky agreed too, what was needed and what I intended to do with Becky as soon as I hung up with him. He understood and asked how I was doing. I was upset and told him so adding, ” my feathers had been ruffled too many times by Becky and I was taking control of our nest” I let him know I was going to give her a darn good spanking. He understood where I was at and wished he could be here which was appreciated. I hung up, took a deep breath and headed to my step daughter’s room.
    I had a case of the nerves and when I went into Becky’s room she was undressing and in just her panties. My step daughter started mouthing off because I didn’t knock. I lost all nervousness and promptly slapped her face (not too hard but got her attention!) and through gritted teeth told her to never speak to me like that ever! She said “sorry” explaining that “she was undressing.” I ignored her, pulled her over my knee on the bed, yanked her panties down and proceeded to spank the daylights out of her as I scolded her! The tears were beginning around the time I stopped. I let her up and lectured her as she rubbed her bottom. I told her to put her t-shirt on, pull her panties up then put her nose in the corner and wait for me. Somehow spanking Becky didn’t calm me down but seemed to have the opposite affect and I now wanted to make sure my step daughter learned her lesson. My stepson was in the hallway asking what was going on? I explained the basics and told him his sister was getting spanked. I sent him to his room with the warning to do as I said or he’d be next! I was done taking a back seat to these kids though my stepson was usually well behaved but as time has gone by he developed the need for maternal discipline as well.
    I looked for something to paddle Becky with and remembered some ping pong paddles in the garage. Returning to my step daughter’s room I swatted her bottom causing her to jump! I took her wrist and lead her downstairs telling her that she was getting paddled when she’d asked what I was doing. She clearly didn’t want this and tried to resist. I let loose of her wrist and took her earlobe giving me total control. Down and into the kitchen we went, I sat on a chair that’s raised with foot rests. I was able to have Becky bent over my lap with both her hands and feet off the floor so she couldn’t get off easily and her bottom was in perfect position. I pulled her panties down as she protested and assured me she’d learned her lesson reminding me I’d already spanked her. I told her we weren’t done yet and to get used to it. I paddled Becky ignoring her kicking, crying and promises as I made up for lost time. My step daughter broke down and sobbed uncontrollably and I stopped. She got up then I took her up to her room. I sat next to her, we hugged as she cried it out. She was more of a contrite girl than a sarcastic brat at that moment. I let her know I loved her but she was not getting a free pass anymore. I explained her past behaviors that wouldn’t be accepted anymore. I told her she was grounded for two weeks and I was putting her over my knee as soon as she acted up from then on. I stood her up and asked if she understood? She said she did and hugged me then broke down crying again and apologizing as she rubbed her bottom. I put her back in the corner and left the room. Twenty minutes later I returned to Becky and gave her the panties she’d kicked off in the kitchen, I put the paddle on her dresser and told her to go to bed. That was 5 years and many paddlings ago and I’m pleased to say that peace returned to our home and family. Becky has grown into quite a young woman whom we’re very proud of and still lives with us in a studio style apt we built onto the house for her. Her last trip across my lap was a year ago but as she still under our roof she still subject to our rules and discipline which have evolved. Now I just have to ask if she wants to be paddled and she straightens up immediately! Her brother is a little younger and a different story. With him driving now and my husband away on business a lot he really tries to push the envelope. He’s learning to mind himself more around his sister because she can be a down right tattle tale and seems to enjoy getting her brother in trouble. Becky will tell on her brother even asking if I’m going to paddle him or telling me why he needs to be spanked. I’m cautious knowing how she can be but I don’t mind having another set of eyes and ears around. I will close by saying that I have come to be a firm believer in taking back the control of our homes and in applying a firm hand where it does the most good. Hope this isn’t too long. I’ve tried to leave it in the readers letters section but was unsuccessful. Jennifer

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