Friday Night Review!


This 18 year old girl was in her dad’s study for her weekly review. With a full seven days behavior to review there was a lot to cover. So after  a detailed discussion of  various instances of  misconduct, her dad made the most of the opportunity to provide his daughter with the benefit of some much-needed paternal discipline.


Keep The Noise Down Missy!


This 18 year old girl was in her room listening with her music turned way up.  So her mom turned the music off and then turned her daughter straight over her knee, took her shorts and panties down and smacked her bottom right there and then and told her that if she ever played her music that loud again, the consequences for her behind would be much more severe!


Focus On Your Studies!


This 18 year old girl is in her final year at high school, but prefers watching TV to studying when she gets home. So first she’s getting a serious lecture from her mom and next she’ll be getting a spanking on her bare bottom – just to ensure that she gets the message!