Keep Things Tidy!


This 18 year old girl kicked her shoes off and was just chilling out on the couch. But her mom spotted the shoes and was delighted to take advantage of the situation  to teach her daughter a lesson on the importance of  tidiness in the home by means of a good, sound, bare-bottom spanking!


Missing Curfew!


This 18 year old girl missed her curfew, so she found herself  over her dad’s knee with her panties down.  She’s smiling at her mom because they both know she could have been home on time –  if she really didn’t want to get her bottom smacked!


A Happy Home Coming!


This 18 year old girl has been living away at college. When she came home for the summer vacation her mom just couldn’t wait to get her over her knee again for a spanking. But her daughter isn’t complaining as she had missed getting these spankings  just as much as her  mom had missed giving them!