A Heated Discussion!

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This 18 year old girl lost her cool during a heated discussion with her mom and said some things she shouldn’t have said. Fortunately her mom knew exactly how to handle this. She sent her daughter to fetch the hairbrush and then soundly applied it to her bare bottom!



A Message for Daddy!



This 18 year old girl had been reluctant to help her busy mom preparing dinner for her dad. Her mom had to go out, so hadn’t time to deal with her daughter herself. So instead she left a message asking her husband to discipline the girl for her insolence. Naturally, Daddy was more than happy to oblige and so, after dinner and after she had done the dishes, he took the naughty girl over his lap with her panties down for a really good, long and sound spanking on her bare bottom – exactly as she deserved!


College Girl Attitude!


This 18 year old girl found that her mom was no less strict with her when she started college. And so there was no way that a smart-mouthed, college-girl attitude was going to be tolerated when she was at home. Fortunately her mom new exactly how to deal with this kind of attitude and the problem was swiftly addressed with a bare-bottom spanking.


No Slacking!


This 18 year old girl was supposed to be cleaning and tidying in the living room, but she thought she’d rather watch some TV instead. So when her mom found her relaxing on the sofa with her chores undone, she decided to give her daughter the benefit of some bare bottom discipline right there and then – just to help with her focus!


Zero Tolerance Summer!

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This 18 year old girl found that discipline was much more strictly applied during the summer vacation and she found herself chastised for every little misdemeanour. In this way, her parents ensured that their daughter’s attitude was suitably compliant and respectful all summer long!



Some Hands On Discipline!


This 18 year old was looking forward to having the house to herself, as her mom had gone to stay with a friend for a few days. But then her dad announced that he was taking a week off work, so she had no chance of slacking with him around. And for the slightest misdemeanor, she found herself  going straight over his lap with her panties down. Just like she would have gotten from her mom. But it always seemed to go on for a  whole lot longer, whenever her dad was smacking her bottom!


The Embarrassing Prospect of Corner Time!


This 18 year old girl didn’t tidy up her things, as she had been told to do, before her dad’s guests arrived. So her mom took her upstairs and applied the hairbrush to her bare bottom. Those men downstairs didn’t get to witness her spanking. But even if they couldn’t hear (which was highly unlikely) every one of them would know perfectly well that she had just been disciplined – when they saw her later, standing in the hall facing the mirror, red-faced and tearful with her hands on her head!


How Not To Start The Day!


This 18 year old girl was disrespectful to her mom at the breakfast table, displaying a very poor attitude. Fortunately, her dad stepped up. He took his naughty daughter straight over his knee to administer a really good, sound, early morning spanking – just as she deserved!